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It's disgustingly humid, my anxiety is through the roof, and the country is ever so slowly descending into madness.

Finished: Genome by Sergei Lukyanenko reads like an older scifi novel crossed with a detective story. Pure fluff, kinda sexist, but the sort of escapist book I need right now. Probably won't keep, it will go into the pile to go back to Half Price or give away. I love his writing style, which is probably what kept it entertaining for me. I wish more of Lukyanenko's stuff was translated.

Also finished, the first three print volumes of Drugs & Wires which I loved a lot. It's an alternate 90s, with nods to all things Gibson, copious drug use, Russian, creepy mysterious malicious code, etc. Dan's a junkie desperately trying to fix himself and get back into VR, and this whole world is such a weird, messy place. It has all the things I like in this sort of fiction and I'm excited to learn where the story goes.

It's great. It updates every Monday as a web comic, and I've added them to my little roster of Patreons I support. (I gave myself a $20 monthly budget to throw at patreons and it gives me a bit of sorely needed happiness)

Currently reading: The Leavers by Lisa Ko, about Chinese immigrants and lost family. It's my book of the month selection, and I'm interested in what's going to happen. I'm only a short bit in, but so far it is intriguing.

I'm trying to spend more time consciously away from the 24/7 horror cycle of the news and reading, but it is hard.
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