Jan. 22nd, 2017 12:50 pm
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I went to my first march yesterday, and not the last one. It was the largest crowd in Texas history, mainly women though I was one of many men there. The diversity of the crowd was awe inspiring. There were moments when it felt hard to breathe for how much my chest ached. It was the slowest I have ever walked a mile, in the enormous 50,000 person crowd flowing down Congress avenue.

It shocks me, how much of this shit happening is straight out of some shitty Soviet style playbook. There's no such thing as "alternative facts." That's propaganda, like those record setting five year plans and great harvests while people starved and died.

This is the most horrifying season of my life.

We must resist. We must fight. We cannot let them do this.

Also, fuck the idea you shouldn't punch Nazis. Dialogue only works when everyone comes to the table willing to respect the basic and essential humanity of each other. Nazis don't. The Nazi premise is entirely based on extermination. There is no arguing or debating. They will use you, drag you into their arguments while they dig a knife into your back. Fuck Nazis.

Sometimes, the fight is violence. We will have to fight.

Today someone told me about his grandfather, Cees. He was a resistance fighter during WWII, and was captured by Nazis. He was mistreated in a camp in Poland. But he survived, and he walked home through war zones when he was freed. He practiced a deep and radical compassion until the end of his days. He also punched fucking Nazis. So I want to remember this, and be like this man.

So I'll make phone calls. I will go to marches. I will donate. I will vote. I will speak the truth. And I will fucking punch Nazis if I have to, because we cannot ever go back to that.
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